How ARSENAL ADVISORS Can Help Life Science Companies Expand Reach

How ARSENAL ADVISORS Can Help Life Science Companies Expand Reach


Besides the pressure to maintain lower healthcare costs and increased competition from new entrants, life science companies find it challenging to market themselves and expand their reach.


According to WHO, there were 26.12 medical doctors per 10,000 people in the US in 2017. Meanwhile, Africa had only 3% of health workers battling over 22% of the global disease burden. Along with this, regulatory bans set boundaries for how pharmaceutical and medical device sales reps can interact with customers.


Here we give you a low-down on how Arsenal Advisors can help life science and pharma companies overcome these challenges and grow their market.


  1. Reimagine BioPharma summits

If you wish to expand your ideas and network with the right people, join the conversation at our Reimagine BioPharma virtual summits. Talk to experts about your challenges and find solutions that’ll help you achieve success in your role. You’ll also have access to an on-demand library of industry seminars and presentations.


Main stage discussions are available for streaming through social media platforms. However, the on-demand library, ask-the-expert sessions, and a networking portal are available only to approved pass holders. Reimagine BioPharma has 9,000+ registrations, 44+ speakers, and 150+ hours of on-demand content.


  • Marketing/sales: Finding, reaching, and engaging with prospective patients, payers, and care providers can be tedious and painstaking for many. The Reimagine BioPharma virtual summit gives you a platform to discuss planning, digital strategies, analytics, and much more.
  • Medical/clinical: Explore how technology can reshape research programs and treatment methods.
  • Market access: Learn how to engage and keep payers.
  1. SaaS products

Arsenal Advisors offers three Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products:


Arsenal Foundation: Sales and marketing teams find it challenging to find the right leads. Foundation is an updated directory for executives in the pharma, Medtech, and biotech industry. It allows companies to view LinkedIn profiles, create custom lists, download them, and start selling right away.


Arsenal Influence: It is social media automation software that helps you plan, create, and schedule content for your channels.


Arsenal Expansion: Access to multiple communication channels has become vital to grab the attention of potential customers and clients. Arsenal Expansion is a safe, tailored, and cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool for connecting and engaging with your dream network. It offers free InMail messages, advanced reporting, CRM integration, compatibility with LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator, profile view generator, and much more.


  1. Campaign consultation and community building

Life science companies can’t focus their resources on nurturing their network and publishing engaging content because their focus is on developing medicines and related technology. We understand that it’s challenging to be a marketing agency for a research-based organization. If you don’t know where to begin, how to connect with your audience, and what kind of content you should create, Arsenal Advisors can help. Our services include:


  • Network building: Leveraging social media channels like LinkedIn to find and connect with ideal clients
  • Copywriting: White papers and blogs
  • Marketing Strategy: Building a brand reputation
  • Webinars: Design, production, and distribution to capture leads
  • Web presence: Social log-ins, landing pages, and SEO

How it works:

  • We’ll design a campaign that will save you 30 hours a month spent on connecting and engaging with your network.
  • We’ll curate and post content daily to showcase your expertise.
  • We’ll introduce you to influential members of your community.

Book a complimentary 20-minute online consultation with Frank Dolan to assess your company’s reach and reputation. We’ll also identify the critical parameters to build a community around your brand.



At ARSENAL ADVISORS, we connect people with ideas to the right opportunities to maximize their potential. In our summits, we host discussions between ambitious medical, marketing, and sales executives and senior leaders and empower them with the best tools, techniques, and technology to solve significant challenges in the biopharma industry.


Our Reimagine Biopharma summit encourages companies to create productive think-tanks in their organizations that can deliver innovative solutions. We also offer SaaS products and marketing for agencies and executives. You can fill our contact form on our website to get in touch.