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Challenges of Data in Healthcare

Nowadays, healthcare institutions are using electronic health records to manage information and capture data from patient appointments. Additionally, the data includes personal health records, reimbursement information, patient portals, and much more.

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Transforming Customer Engagement

Eric Gubera, EVP of the Life Science Practice at ARSENAL ADVISORS discusses the challenges biopharma and medtech organizations are facing as they compete for HCP engagement with MobileLocker’s Chief Revenue Officer Bob Lempke.

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Why LinkedIn Matters

Frank Dolan spoke with Joe Mullings for this edition of the ARSENAL Leader Lab series. As CEO of the Mullings Group Companies and Chief Vision Officer for MRINetwork, Mullings had extensive knowledge to offer.

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5 Benefits of Community Building in Life Science

The life science industry often views community engagement in healthcare as an external concern—a matter of marketing, outreach, and education. However, building a community is about reducing the gap between complex medical concepts and customers, with healthcare being the obvious connector.

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The Two Questions You Need To Ask During an Interview

As part of the ARSENAL Leader Lab, Frank Dolan set out to find the answer by speaking with Joe Mullings, CEO of the Mullings Group Companies and Chief Vision Officer for MRINetwork. Below, you’ll learn about the two questions you should be prepared to ask your interviewer. We hope this helps you during your job search.

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Why Patient Marketing Matters

They go online to ask for opinions regarding their doctor’s advice. Clearly, patient marketing is more important than ever before. To help discuss what the industry needs to be aware of going forward, Frank Dolan sat down with Paul Murasko, Head of Digital Customer Interaction for Ipsen North America.

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Engaging With Medical Customers

Before you can sell someone your product, you want to connect with them. This helps lead to deeper, more lasting customer relationships, which in turn leads to more success for your business.

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How New Personal Promotion Can Help Grow Your Pharmaceutical Brands

For many years now, the pharmaceutical industry has used the term “Non-Personal Promotion” to refer to sales and marketing techniques not done face-to-face (i.e. digital marketing efforts). Paul Murasko is unsatisfied with calling this form of promotion ‘non-personal’, though, because “you can start using data to properly send messaging at the right time, at the right place, through the right channel.”

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Differentiating Your Product for Payers

Getting on the formulary is more difficult than ever before, given the number of new, high-cost drugs that are entering the market. That’s one of the reasons why Frank Dolan sat down with Steve O’Malley, Executive Vice President of Market Access at Two Labs, as part of the Life Science Leader Lab series.

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Leveraging Technology to Make Sales

Now, more than ever, sales force need to be nimble. But not nimble with strategy as much as the tactics. Being able to serve customer face-to-face and, now, virtually is critical to surpass the competition.

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