Sales Force and Customer Experience of the Future for Competitive Advantage

What lies ahead for Biopharma and MedTech field teams?

Ok, 2022 is off to an auspicious start for biopharma & MedTech… or is it?

Big news from:

  • Pfizer – restructuring the sales force
  • Roche – losing drug development chief
  • Biogen – looming Aduhelm issues
  • Zogenix, Inc. – buyout
  • Novartis – selling generics arm
  • Blueprint Medicines – big internal promotions in the C suite
  • Mark Cuban – starting a generic drug company

With co’s positioning for the future, it does make us think about one of the most important tasks the industry faces each day… engaging with customers.

We ask:

  • Where have we been- the last 2 years have rewritten the playbook
  • What have we learned- the data suggest that doctors, when given the choice to talk to sales or medical affairs, say medical affairs… how come? HCP’s say, do you want an answer to some of your questions or all of your questions.

It is time to gather your voice and our peers to talk about the Sales Force and Customer Experience of the future.

Whether you are in marketing, medical, sales, or solutions, what do you think we need to consider when searching for a competitive advantage to deliver and delight our HCP customers?

Watch the replay below