The Importance of Digital Marketing Analytics

The Importance of Digital Marketing Analytics

Quarantine meant that many of us are online, all the time. This in turn means that there’s never been a better time to ensure that your company’s digital marketing strategy is on-point. People have more time than ever to observe your digital presence and determine if you’re a right fit for them.

That’s why Frank Dolan spoke with Hans Kaspersetz, the President and Chief Strategist of Arteric, about how important digital marketing analytics are during quarantine. This was part of the ARSENAL Leader Lab series.

Below, we’ll explain two of the most actionable items that the pair discussed: the need to verify your analytics and how you can use these analytics to adjust your strategy.

Verify Your Analytics

Internet traffic is up, but engagement is down. There are a number of potential causes for this, but it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll be getting web traffic from employees outside your office.

Hans Kaspersetz explains, “It’s very difficult to filter out those folks from your web traffic. So essentially all of your web statistics are now inflated. As you look at your analytics and your data, you have to figure out some way or work with your agency to estimate how much your traffic is being inflated.”

This way, you can “really understand how much traffic was lost.” It’s important to ensure the accuracy of your analytics, as it provides the data that fuels the rest of your digital marketing strategy.

Adjusting Your Strategy As Necessary

Once you’ve made sure that your analytics are correct, it’s important to analyze them to determine who you should be marketing to. Unfortunately, Kaspersetz explains, most healthcare sites aren’t “providing an experience that’s personalized to the visitor based on either their referral source, their identity or their behavior on the site previously.”

This is a mistake, because while the COVID 19 pandemic has forced many industries to shift their strategies, it’s had a particularly large impact on the healthcare industry. “Hospitals and physicians are really inundated dealing with COVID 19,” Kaspersetz says.

You need to be mindful of the fact that many physicians are under new pressures as a result of the pandemic.  A recent survey found that 74% of healthcare providers describe the level of disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the management of existing patients under their care as significant. Additionally, 75% of US providers had either no or low priority to engage with pharma sales reps virtually.  Brand and sales leadership needs to ensure that the experiences their customer have are tailored, valuable, and lead to action.  By doing so, these organizations may gain a competitive advantage by gaining interest and access to future interactions, face-to-face or virtually.

These times underscore that many of the old metrics and approaches must be questioned.  For a brand team to have clarity on the impact of their marketing efforts, they must reimagine the optimization of materials, digital presence, and metrics that matter.

Looking for Help With Your Digital Marketing Strategy During The Pandemic?

If so, Hans Kaspersetz is here to help. For years, he’s worked with healthcare companies to find the digital marketing strategies best suited to their goals. If you’re wondering how you can adjust your strategy to better suit the present moment, he’s always happy to talk with healthcare business owners.

You can reach out to him via Arteric’s website. From there, he and his team will be able to determine the exact strategies you can use to make your marketing efforts successful.