How New Personal Promotion Can Help Grow Your Pharmaceutical Brands

How New Personal Promotion Can Help Grow Your Pharmaceutical Brands

The COVID-19 pandemic has inspired a number of questions. How do you continue to sell when face-to-face interactions need to be minimized, and are there any lessons learned during quarantine that can be applied once restrictions are lifted?

To find the answers, Frank Dolan sat down with Paul Murasko, who is Head of Digital Customer Interaction for North America. This discussion is part of the ARSENAL Leader Lab series, and it’s also the first of two conversations the men had.

Below, you’ll learn about New Personal Promotion (NPP), which is a new take on Non-Personal Promotion.

What Is New Personal Promotion?

For many years now, the pharmaceutical industry has used the term “Non-Personal Promotion” to refer to sales and marketing techniques not done face-to-face (i.e. digital marketing efforts). Paul Murasko is unsatisfied with calling this form of promotion ‘non-personal’, though, because “you can start using data to properly send messaging at the right time, at the right place, through the right channel.”

Essentially, data allows incredible personalization for a marketing campaign, getting so specific as to make it clear what times of day a certain physician likes reading their email.

Armed with this information, your salesforce is infinitely better equipped to respond to the needs of physicians. After all, Murasko explains, “A physician doesn’t come into the office and forget about digital. They’re using digital outside their office probably as much as we are, that’s the society.”

A more digital approach to sales and marketing allows you to be conscientious of a physician’s needs while also respecting their time. New Personal Promotion isn’t “about pushing 500 emails out a day. It’s not about scheduling 10 calls next week. It’s about being human and doing the right way.”

Quarantine made it especially important to make sure you were giving physicians space and not over-aggressively taking up their time. Even as quarantine ends, though, there are valuable lessons that can be used in the future.

How To Effectively Institute New Personal Promotion

Of course, as effective as all of this data and technology can be, Paul Murasko advises that “Technology’s a medium, it’s a tool, isn’t a silver bullet. Let’s look at what makes sense for your organization… Take it one step at a time and think through the process because you might be saying, ‘Hey, I need to go do X,’ and in reality, you really don’t.”

It can be easy to want to implement all of the digital marketing technology you’ve learned about, but you want to make sure this technology is being used to empower your salesforce. There’s an exponential benefit when New Personal Promotion and traditional sales techniques are working together, so you want to make sure the tools you choose are well-suited to your current sales strategies.

This ultimately means training your salesforce to use technology and making sure that it empowers them to do their jobs better.

Want To Learn More About New Personal Promotion?

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