Engaging With Medical Customers

Engaging With Medical Customers

Before you can sell someone your product, you want to connect with them. This helps lead to deeper, more lasting customer relationships, which in turn leads to more success for your business.

This begs to question, what’s the best way to engage with your customer constituency? To answer that question, Frank Dolan sat down with Omar M. Khateeb, Head of Growth at Gentem Medical. This discussion was part of the ARSENAL Leader Lab series, designed to help leaders of the life sciences industry discuss the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had.

Below you’ll learn about the two most actionable recommendations Khateeb made for connecting with your potential customers.

Be Active On Social Media

More than anything, Omar M. Khateeb emphasizes the importance of using social media. “Just getting on Twitter and following some of the key universities and physicians that you’re trying to get engaged with can help you see what’s important to them.”

This can influence all the rest of your marketing strategies, because it allows you to personalize and refine your approach to outreach. What are the topics currently being discussed at conferences? What are these physicians spending their time thinking about?

When you understand your customer’s beliefs, you can establish authority with them. You’re showing that you understand your needs, which means your product is more likely to better address their needs.

Build Trust With Content, Not Claims

In the medical industry, you need to build trust before someone is willing to hear what you have to say. You don’t build that trust by selling, either: you build it by being present in the community and providing value to it.

Omar M. Khateeb gives an example for someone trying to build connections within a specific department at Harvard University. “If they published a paper recently, create a nice infographic to highlight the key findings. Post it on Twitter, tagging all the authors and the university. “

Along with helping you get noticed by the department, this exchange also makes it likely that you’re going to be retweeted by the people you’re looking to build connections with. This helps to better establish your presence in the community.

No matter who you’re looking to target, Khateeb says that the underlying lesson is key: “You just did something that 100% helps these other people. It has nothing to do with you. All you’re doing is celebrating medicine and science.”

He gives another example of what he did during the pandemic, stating that he made sure to cheer on health workers on Twitter, congratulating them for their successes. Being part of your customer constituency in the life sciences can be helpful from a business perspective, but it also allows you to help the medical workers who deserve your support.

Want To Understand More About Engaging Customer Constituencies?

For years, Omar M. Khateeb has been helping build a social media audience in the medtech space. He’s always happy to engage with people on these platforms.

Khateeb encourages you to follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.