6 Benefits of Using Podcasts in Your Marketing Strategy

6 Benefits of Using Podcasts in Your Marketing Strategy

There are more than 88 million podcast listeners in the United States, with 32% of them tuning in at least once a month. Since the pandemic, these numbers have increased 42% globally. Podcasts are gaining popularity as an increasing number of users are discovering new content via the new medium. Recording your ideas and knowledge into an easily digestible audio form allows listeners to absorb information on-the-go.

Here are six benefits of using podcasts as part of your marketing strategy.

1. Better relationship with your audience

Podcasts are a great way to build a productive relationship with the target audience. Like the traditional radio show, podcast hosts can create audience polls, respond to listener queries, and receive calls for greater audience engagement. When listeners can associate themselves with the brand, they have a reason to trust the company and commit to a long-lasting relationship.

2. Employee training

Not every employee has the time or patience to read long PDFs, articles, or books. Since podcasts don’t require the listeners to tune in at a specific time, they are a useful training tool for your employees, who can study the content at their own pace.

3. Higher audience engagement

Content overload on the internet is a pressing problem, and we are no stranger to it. Audio channels offer a fresh alternative for your audience. It allows speakers to convey their message in an intimate setting. Private podcast platforms enable companies to know who is listening, what they’re listening to, and for how long.

4. Greater value

One of the primary reasons to add podcasts to your company’s marketing strategy is to establish credibility and reputation as a thought leader within the industry. A podcast provides you a platform to offer helpful solutions to audiences’ questions and problems. A good podcast does more than just sell your products or advertise your brand. It delivers value to an audience with unique and relevant content that speaks directly to the audience.

They can help cement your company’s reputation as a credible source of knowledge because the audience receives information directly from the researchers who are actively working in the field. You can also interview other experts in your industry, build your professional network, and establish credibility in your field.


5. Enhanced traffic generation

Podcasts help companies can reach a broader demographic without being limited by geographical boundaries. With a podcast, you can market yourself or your company to potential customers across the globe.

High-quality podcasts with minimal to no advertising will attract new audience and increase your traffic in the long run. Customers who buy your product or services after consuming your content will be more loyal to your business.

6. Better networking

A podcast is a unique medium that allows you to connect and network with your audience to form authentic connections. With a well-executed podcast, you can establish yourself as a thought leader and pioneer in your field. They are also one of the most cost-effective ways to generate higher marketing traction for your business.