The Best Idea
Should Win

We Create Content and Experiences
for Industry Thought Leaders
to Shape Best Practices

Schedule a complimentary consultation see what opportunities exist when you turn your Expertise into Expert Status!

When You Have Industry Influence
You Don't Have to Play the RFP Game

But There’s a Problem…

  • You Have To Choose Client Work OR Pipeline Building

  • Chasing Opportunities Is Exhausting

  • Lost Projects Are Due To Unchecked Politics and Preference

  • Your Project Champions Keep Changing

As the Industry Expert, Your Credibility is Recognized Before the Meeting Starts

Life is different when the Project Committee sees you as the Expert, not as a vendor

What DOES Happen...

  • Prospects Take Your Calls

  • It's Easy For Client Champions to Endorse You

  • You Start The Meeting With High Status

  • When You Speak, The Market Listens

What DOESN'T Happen

  • Chase Prospect's Attention

  • Get Pushed Around the Client's Org Chart

  • Wasting the first 20 minutes of the pitch trying to establish credibility

  • Buy Your Way to the Conference Podium

BioPharma Needs Your Value Proposition

The current environment has canceled 2020 forecasts, banished networking, and forced everyone to reinvent their business.

Consequently, companies are demanding a reliable 2021 plan and expect strategies to capitalize on market disruption.

How It Works

Book your Campaign Consultation so we can help you focus on your business while we work on engaging your client audience, curate engaging content around your expertise, and raise your status as the category leader.

Design Campaign

Get to the right people on the right platforms with the right content

Opportunity Ahead

Save 30 hours a month connecting and engaging with your network
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Everyday we help you expand your connections

Network = Networth

Go from Known to Renowned
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A month of insights showcasing your expertise from a 30 minute interview

Done for You

It's like having a marketing agency just for you... because you will!
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Reach is Bought. Reputation is Earned.

Building Reputation.
Not Easy.

At ARSENAL ADVISORS, we know you are the kind of people who want to be instantly recognized for your accomplishments and expertise. In order to be that way, you need to make a daily effort to expand and engage your network. The problem is having the time to connect with the right people on the right platform with the right insights, which makes you feel overwhelmed knowing your day is already overloaded. We believe every six to seven figure earner deserves to delegate this work to a trusted partner.  We understand the time and trust needed for you to empower a firm to help you. That’s why we assembled the team and tools to support you. Here’s how it works, we: design a campaign for you, create and post content daily, and make thoughtful introductions to influential members of your community. So book your Campaign Consultation today, so you can stop having to jockey for status at meetings and start every meeting as the known authority.

Frank Dolan Founder of ARSENAL ADVISORS

Frank F. Dolan


Personal Message from our CEO

Talk about a different climate… there I was in the boardroom at one of the largest pharma companies in New Jersey just a few months after the buyout of my beloved San Diego biotech.

We just sat through seven hours of capabilities presentations.  Each presentation was the same, people playing the “name game”, rattling off their client list, and closing with the exact same value proposition slide!

What I clearly remember is that the agency we used back in San Diego did not have a chance with new owner. The other agencies, well, they were simply a part of a bidding process.

The work would be awarded to a newly promoted executive’s preferred vendor for reasons, like the NJ weather, no one could predict.

After twenty years of being the client, it’s clear that establishing your credibility, expertise, and innovation cannot begin in the client boardroom.

Do this and the firm with the best ideas will win.

ARSENAL'S Campaign Capabilities

Network Building

Leveraging LinkedIn and more, we help you find and connect with your ideal client community


From White Papers to blogs, our team creates compelling content for your audience

Marketing Strategy

Our agency specializes in brand and reputation building for the life science industry


All aspects of design, production, and distribution to capture leads and more

Virtual Summits

We have the technology to conduct global summits with all the functions of a great meeting

Web Presence

Our team can help with everything from landing pages, social log-in's, and SEO

Customers reviews

What do people say?

Our Account Team went from having about 1,000 connections each to over 4,000 each in six months. Previously, they posted content sporadically and now we have a daily, coordinated, high engagement campaign giving us a consistent voice with powerful organic reach with our customer community.
Chief Marketing Officer
AI-powered SaaS healthcare data company
We are in the business of people, which is a rewarding yet time-consuming business. All of our recruiters rely on ARSENAL to help them build an industry-leading network of executives that trust us with their most important job placements.
Managing Director
Leading Life Science Executive Search Firm

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