ARSENAL Origin Story

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How It Began

If you are a senior biopharma executive, it is hard to find a safe forum of peers to ideate on the biggest issues facing the industry.

In July 2018, our Founder, Frank F. Dolan, brought 40 ambitious executives into a room for 2 days to shape and share best practices.  Not a conference, no exhibit halls, no vendors- just peers from different companies with a shared vision: to improve and extend patients’ lives.

The feedback was clear: a peer-driven organization dedicated to building a community of people and ideas was needed to help elevate the $880 billion dollar biopharma industry.

Where We Are

Today, ARSENAL helps executives and companies find, connect, and engage with the people, ideas, and services that can maximize their success.

  • Inside biopharma companies, we build best practices capabilities.
  • For brilliant solution providers, we provide a platform to share their expertise.
  • Nurturing our massive executive following, we create content and experiences that unlock their potential to see the future and succeed.
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Global business network

Where We Are Going

Ideas without an audience and action cannot change the world.

ARSENAL will continue to build technologies, content, and interactions to help all life-science stakeholders find, connect, and engage the people and ideas that will transform the industry.



If you’ve been in biopharma for more than 5 minutes, you know this is an industry with a fair amount of politics and processes that slow down innovation.  If you are a patient in need of therapy that isn’t available yet, every day counts.

An executive that doesn’t seek people and ideas outside their company, question “heritage thinking”, and cut meetings when they’re done even when booked longer does not share the sense of urgency the industry needs to build trust and deliver value.

We are committed to helping leaders find ways to be more effective and efficient so the industry can serve its ultimate stakeholder, the patient.

At some point, we are all patients.

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