Faculty members

You will find only the most influential, ethical, and innovative prefessionals on our faculty.

Past Summit Chairs

Barbara Salami

Sr. Director, Customer Experience Optimization at GSK

Linda Cherry

Head of Commercial Oncology at Radius Health

Tamar Thompson

Head of Government Affairs at Alexion

Omar M. Khateeb

Director of Growth at Potrero Medical

Paul Murasko

Senior Director at IPSEN

Core Faculty

Our faculty members have strong backgrounds, exemplary reputations, and the brightest ideas for a successful future.

Joe Mullings

CEO of The Mullings Group

Bharat Tewarie

Chief Marketing Officer at UCB

Hans Kaspersetz

Chief Strategistic at Arteric

Frank Dolan


Rich Daly

CCO of BeyondSpring Pharma

David Thompson

CEO of Gravitas Medical

David Schummers

Vice President at Auris Health

Manny Duenas

Vice President at Atara Therapeutics

Mia Nease

CEO at Multiomic Advisory Services

Ron Najafi, PhD

CEO of Emery Pharma

Joanne Dimitrakopoulos

Chief Marketing Officer at Kinetogram

Evan Ehrenberg

Co-founder & CEO at Clara Heatlth

Melissa Saw

Global Digital Manager at Bayer

Lyndi Hirsch

Senior Director, Head of Consumer Marketing at Dermira

Judy Kando

VP of Medical Affairs at Tris Pharma

Kelly Giuffrida

Product Director, HIV, Infectious Diseases Marketing at Janssen

Laurie Hill

Vice President, Intellectual Property at Genentech

Rob Ciapennelli

Chief Commercial Officer at Dicerna Pharma

Markus Peters, Ph.D. M.Sc

COO at Gemini Therapeutics

Mark Lockett

Vice President at Verastem Oncology

Lisa Flaiz

Director Worldwide Digital Hub at BMS

Marianne Jackson

Former SVP at Synergy Pharma

Paul Murasko

Senior Director at Ipsen


Michael Song

Head of Device Functionality, Safety, and Digital Connectivity at MedImmune

Vineet Thapar

Digital Marketing Icon

Michael Rowbotham

Digital Strategy Lead at Pfizer

Eric Rothstein

Executive Director at Merck

Santos Torres

Senior Director, Marketing at Baush Health

Eric Toppy

VP at Passage Bio

Martin Jernigan

Former VP at NovoNordisk

Joe Dupont

Head of Commercial Operations at Alexion

Debbie W. Lin

Executive Director Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund

Karren Williams PhD, SPEd, MS

Executive Director, Head of Global Medical Communication and Medical Information

Alan Gilstrap

Senior Director, Advocacy and Engagement at Akouos

Karla MacDonald

Vice President, Communications and Patient Advocacy at Ipsen

Santos Torres

Senior Director, Marketing at Baush Health

Sue Nemetz

Founder & CEO of TheNemetz Group

Aswin Chandrakantan, MD

Chief Medical Officer at Komodo Health

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