Go From Known
to Renowned

We Create Content and Experiences that
Capture the Attention and Respect of Your Community
so You Enter Every Meeting as the Authority

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To Turn Your Expertise into Expert Status,
You Have to Relentlessly Grow and Engage Your Community

But There’s a Problem…

Most life science executives lack time to nurture their network and publish engaging content.

It’s hard to know what opportunities would have come there way if their expertise was appreciated beyond clients and colleagues.

Reach is Bought. Reputation is Earned.​

Building Reputation.
Not Easy.

At ARSENAL ADVISORS, we know you are the kind of people who want to be instantly recognized for your accomplishments and expertise. In order to be that way, you need to make a daily effort to expand and engage your network. The problem is having the time to connect with the right people on the right platform with the right insights, which makes you feel overwhelmed knowing your day is already overloaded. We believe every six to seven figure earner deserves to delegate this work to a trusted partner.  We understand the time and trust needed for you to empower a firm to help you. That’s why we assembled the team and tools to support you. Here’s how it works, we: design a campaign for you, create and post content daily, and make thoughtful introductions to influential members of your community. So book your Campaign Consultation today, so you can stop having to jockey for status at meetings and start every meeting as the known authority.

How It Works

Design Campaign

Get to the right people on the right platforms with the right content

Opportunity Ahead

Save 30 hours a month connecting and engaging with your network
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Curated Content

30 minute interview each to curate content showcasing your expertise

Done for You

It's like having a marketing agency just for you... because you will!
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Everyday we help you expand your connections

Network = Networth

Go from Known to Renowned
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You're curious, aren't you?

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We will explore opportunities to elevate your thought leader status amongst your peers and industry.  If we identify the payoff for you, the next steps become clear.

Should you decide to take our advice and do the work yourself, great.

If you want some tools to help you, we have those available.

Finally, if you want us to do the heavy lifting for you, you will have a reputation agency that is committed to deliver and delight.

Frank Dolan Founder of ARSENAL ADVISORS

Frank F. Dolan


Personal Message from our CEO

People are often surprised when I tell them what happened to my phone just two weeks after getting downsized.

Twenty years of climbing the biotech ladder, hiring over 5,000 people, and speaking at all the industry conferences made me think that, if you were in the industry, we probably know of each other.  Or, we could at least play the “6 degrees of Kevin Bacon” game to find common ground.

When the news broke that I was the lucky recipient of a severance, I heard from colleagues near and far. Wonderful, kind-hearted professionals offered ideas and introductions. It was a special reflection on worktime served.

About 14 days later, something strange happened. Executive life buzzes nonstop with fire drills, double-booked days, and late-night slide revisions. There I stood and heard… nothing.  My phone for the first time in forever was silent.

Don’t get caught with the sense that LinkedIn is just an address book or that the market remembers your speech last year.  Reputation needs two things: great design and discipline. What it delivers is opportunity that rings off the hook.